What's Wrong?

During a medical emergency, time is of the essence.  Emergency medical providers must be able to gather a large amount of information quickly in order to develop the proper treatments for the patient.  Oftentimes, one provider will treat the patient while another provider tries to obtain an accurate medical history from either the patient or a family member or other bystander.  Friends, family members, and loved ones can help reduce the amount of time needed to gather this history by having some information compiled before an emergency happens.  While it is appropriate to have a medical history available for all people living with you, it is most important to have this information available for those who may have serious medical conditions, such as heart troubles or diabetes, and for those who may not be able to speak for themselves, such as the disabled or elderly.  When compiling the medical information for you or a loved one, keep these important guidelines in mind:

By following these recommendations, you can help greatly reduce the amount of time needed to provide necessary emergency care to you or your loved ones.