The Candia Volunteer Fire Department is honored to have recently taken delivery of a new Lucas 2 Chest Compression System.  The Lucas is a highly effective mechanical device that performs CPR chest compressions.  The result is perfect, uninterrupted compressions from a machine that does not get tired. This results in higher blood flow to vital organs. This life saving tool was provided as a gift from the Candia Volunteer Firemen's Association, since the CVFD could not afford such an expensive device.

The Candia Volunteer Fireman's Association is an organization that raises money from generous donors from in and out of town, and uses the funds to support the CVFD operation beyond what is possible through the fire department budget. In addition to the Lucas, the Association also purchased 5 new AEDs (automated external defibrillators) for the department.  Three of these AEDs will be placed into Candia Police cruisers. All Candia Police Officers are certified in CPR and respond to all cardiac arrest calls in town.  Most of the time, the police arrive before the fire department and they are able to start the two most essential life saving interventions in a cardiac arrest: CPR and defibrillation with an AED. Previously, the police had one AED only and it has since become obsolete. Now having 3 new AEDs in service will improve the odds that the first arriving Candia Police officer will have an AED available if called to a cardiac event.

More information about the Lucas device can be read here: