On Saturday July 18th, the Candia Volunteer Fire Department was pleased to be hosting a large scale mass casualty incident drill involving multiple agencies:

  • AMR Ambulance
  • Auburn Fire
  • Chester Fire
  • Deerfield Fire
  • Deerfield Rescue
  • Raymond Ambulance
  • Raymond Fire
  • Rockingham County Sheriffs Office dispatch

The exercise was designed to simulate a multiple car accident on Route 101.  The scenario was a broken down, occupied school bus on the side of Route 101 that got hit at high speed, flipping the bus on it's side causing a chain reaction of accidents.  For the drill, we had 10 involved cars in addition to the school bus, 35 live injured patients and approximately 45 fire-rescue first responders.

Not withstanding the heat, humidity and rain, the training was and absolute success and exceeded the expectations of the organizers. The communities involved should be proud to have such skilled volunteers serving their communities.

Read more on the NH1 news report and video of the incident: http://www.nh1.com/news/staged-accident-helps-emts-and-firefighters-practice-for-the-real-thing/

We would like to thank local businesses that have generously supported our exercise by donating goods and services to make it possible.

  • Moe Joe's Family Restaurant in Manchester
  • Hannaford Supermarket in Raymond
  • Todd Gillespie, owner of InCider Trading
  • Dunkin' Donuts at Candia First Stoppe
  • Elliot Hospital
  • ATS Equipment
  • Avalanche Towing
  • Grant's Towing
  • Goffstown Truck Center