CVFD and AMR personal were involved in a critical case recently, a patient suffering from a heart attack. During their care, the patient suffered a cardiac arrest (heart stopped). The crews responded promptly and professionally, saving this patient's life. He was delivered to the Emergency Department awake and talking, and walked out of the hospital a few days later.

While this is part of the job, we like to recognize the quality of the work done in Candia by our personnel and the amazing impact on this individuals life. One important component to the success of this work was deployment of the Lucas Device, purchased by the Candia Volunteer Firemen's Association from donations last year: Lucas Chest Compression System.

Several members of the CVFD were involved in the emergency call:

  • Capt. Jim Wilson
  • FF/AEMT Isaiah Soucy
  • FF/AEMT Bill Mortimer
  • EMT Doreen Schibbelhute
  • FF Don Hamel
  • FF/EMT Craig Cartier
  • Pete Schibbelhute

We also wish to recognize the high quality care provided by our colleagues at American Medical Response Ambulance:

  • Paramedic Dave Rideout
  • AEMT Marc Stanieich

Congratulations to all involved.