Outside Burning Requires a Permit in the State of NH

To obtain a burning permit, please page the Candia Fire-Rescue Fire Warden Pager at (603) 639-7179.

Effective MARCH 10, 2010, burning permits are required for outside burning. 

The Forest Fire Warden and Deputy Wardens affiliated with Candia Volunteer Fire Department provide burning permits to residents of Candia at no cost.  A warden will respond to pages as soon as they are able to arrange delivery or pickup of your burning permit, and to answer any questions you may have.  The on-call Warden or Deputy Warden may visit your property in order to ensure the material being burned is allowable by New Hampshire state law.  Please note that permits are generally issued between 4:00 to 6:00 daily, but these times may vary depending on the availability of the on-call Deputy Warden.  Please note that there is no Warden or Deputy Warden on call when the ground is covered with snow.

As per New Hampshire state law, no fire shall be kindled outside without first obtaining a written permit from the forest fire warden (or their representative) of the town where the burning is to be done.  Permits are required for all outside burns, unless the ground is covered with snow.

In the town of Candia, permits are still required if it is raining outside.  State laws are specific that any fire kindled in the rain during the day MUST be extinguished as soon as it stops raining as defined in the DRED regulations. This is very difficult to determine and the CVFD has adopted a no daytime burn policy.

Any person kindling a fire without a permit is liable to the town for all expenses incurred in attending or extinguishing such fire.

No residential trash, treated wood, construction/demolition debris, tires, mattresses, etc. or brush/trees greater than 5" diameter can be burned at any time.  No fires shall be left unattended at any time without being completely extinguished with water. If you burn any impermissible material, you will be subject to State fines of up to $2000.00 as well as all costs for the Department to respond and extinguish the illegal fire and for proper disposal of the illegal material.

Always use caution when burning material on your property, make sure you have extinguishing materials close at hand, and if the fire seems to be getting out of control, contact Candia Fire-Rescue immediately.

For More Information from the State of New Hampshire Forest Protection Bureau, please click here.